Living Steel

What is Living Steel?

Living Steel…
What makes a knife more than a knife?
It’s not design, materials or method of construction.
It’s not the level of skill or years of experience and knowledge.
It’s the Awareness,Appreciation and Celebration of Life that we carry within us…
and it’s called Passion.
We express it in Song,Music,Dance,Poetry,Painting…
and by using raw materials to bring forth a tangible exclamation and proclamation “I am ALIVE!”
It is our way of saying Thank You to that which Created us.
It is our way of leaving something for others to see,
so that they may witness our Passion,our Celebration of Being…
From the beginning,Knifemakers have created the tools mankind needed to survive.
As time passed,those tools evolved,became more sophisticated and ornate,
and often became more than simply tools.
As Mankind matured,developed and grew,so did our ability to express Passion,and our means to infuse it into our knives.
Today,there is an astonishing number of ways to make a knife,
and there are many who are able to communicate their Passion through their knives.
It’s something that rushes from us
in the exhilarating eruption of sparks flying,
and the thunder of hammers moving molten metal…
It flows from our Spirit in the quite moments of focus,through our fingertips,into the wood and bone we shape for handles…
Some manifest their Passion simply,in eloquent and flowing lines,
sublime in their magnificence…
Others orchestrate their Passion in a crescendo of color,shape and texture…
Regardless of whether it’s something that reaches out and captures every eye in the the room,
or waits until you hold it,then speaks to you alone…
It is a Gift from those who invest it into their creations,
to those of us lucky enough to witness it.
Every KnifeMaker and Artist has it…and whether it’s in a voice that carries to the mountain-tops
or whispers sweetly in the stillness,
I hear it,
and I thank you all for it.

By Ironwolf

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